The Crew….

Meet the folks who have selflessly come together to create this “fun to view” site on California history. They worked together tirelessly for six years, with one purpose in mind, to give school teachers a kid proof way to teach their students “the real stuff” on the many unbelievable events that unfolded in the creation of this place we call California. From Sutter’s Fort to the Gold Rush to the Donner Party and the Transcontinental Railroad, no event was left out.

Our humble thanks goes to each one of them for giving of their valuable time and talents to bring this once in a life time project into being. PS: This site is safe for adults to use as well…

Gary Martin
Gary MartinExecutive Director, Access Sacramento
Gary Martin is the Executive Director for Access Sacramento, the non-profit public access cable station in Sacramento, CA. Access Sacramento launched a low-power FM radio station, KUBU-LP 96.5 FM in 2014. Martin serves on the national board for the Alliance for Community as the Western Region representative. Previously, he served eight years on the Board of Directors for Access Sacramento before being named Executive Director in 2013. Martin was a college professor in Radio, TV and Film for two decades at Sacramento’s Cosumnes River College where he also served on the national board for the Broadcast Education Association for four years. Martin is an Emmy® award winning TV news producer whose original broadcasting roots began in radio.
Elizabeth J. Harrison
Elizabeth J. HarrisonDirector/Editor of the “Living in the West”
Liz is very passionate about the projects she undertakes and has an extremely vast knowledge on many computer/technical topics. We are grateful for the many years Liz has devoted to her role as Director/Editor of the “Living in the West” program.
Steve Beck
Steve BeckHistory Program Lead, Sutter’s Fort SHP
Since 1997 Steve Beck has worked in a variety of positions at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. Beck was the archivist for the Sacramento Historic Sites Association for several years and he managed the extensive fort Collections. Beck has written several monographs on the history and anthropology of the Sacramento region including articles about the Donner Party, Bear Flag Revolt, and the relationship between John Sutter and the Indigenous People of the Sacramento Valley. He has been a contributor in many books about the region.
Eric Thomsen
Eric ThomsenCalifornia State Capitol Museum Researcher and Guide
Eric Thomsen earned his B.A. in Geography from Hayward State (now CSU East Bay) and his graduate certificate in Museum Studies from Tufts University, outside of Boston. He has been a guide at the California State Capitol Museum (a unit of California State Parks) for over a decade, and occasionally gives tours at Sacramento’s Historic City Cemetery, where many lawmakers and others associated with the Capitol rest eternally at ease.
Jared Jones
Jared JonesHistory Consultant
Jared Jones is an alumnus from California State University, Sacramento’s Public History MA program. He has worked at many museums and historic sites in Sacramento and his expertise is in mid-19th Century California history.
Delores Ross
Delores RossDocent at Leland Stanford Mansion
Delores has been a Docent at Leland Stanford Mansion for 14 years. She also worked there as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker when it was a Home for teenage girls. She worked for the Nuns known as the SISTERS OF SOCIAL SERVICES when they were in charge of the home.
Kyle Wyatt
Kyle WyattRailroad History and Museum Consultant
Kyle has more than 40 years experience as a historian and museum curator, specializing in California railroad history. He served for 8 years as Curator of History at the Nevada State Railroad Museum and 15 years as Curator of History & Technology at the California State Railroad Museum. Kyle retired in 2018 from his position as Capital District Historian for the California State Parks Railroad Museum.

Kyle earned Bachelors and Masters degrees from University of the Pacific in American History, Latin American History, Geology and Natural History and in American History, Business History and Economic History, respectively.

Bob Crimmins
Bob CrimminsHumble Servant
Bob Crimmins was the host of “Health in America”, the award-winning, longest running live call-in television program in history, which aired for over 25 years. He crafted a fun-filled educational career as an author, teacher, columnist, lecturer, and producer of the California history television program, “Living in the West”

He was also on the radio for 23 years. He gave lectures all over the state of California where thousands of people came to hear him speak on health and history. His latest book is titled “life is in session, are you present?”

Robert James Crimmins, III
Robert James Crimmins, IIIJack of All Trades
Robert lends a hand where it’s needed.