The Secret Revolt of 1845

Running Time: 30:00

What happens when you put together the Mexican Army, John Sutter’s Army, Tax Collectors, Gangsters, and James Bond type spies? You get the canons rolling out to fight against the California Secret Revolt of 1845.

The Pony Express

Running Time: 34:00

Hear all about the history of the pony express.  “Wanted, young, skinny, wiry fellows not over 18, must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages, $25 per week. Apply pony express stables.

Mysteries of the Mountain Men

Running Time: 58:42

The legend and lore of Mountain men who lived in the North American Rocky Mountains from 1810 through the 1880’s is fascinating and often misunderstood.

Fort Ross — the Russians are coming!

Running Time: 32:40

Did you know that the Russians have a connection to Sutter’s Fort? From the glass in the Windows to the cannon in the yard, it all came from Russian owned Fort Ross, in Sonoma County California.

The Ghosts of Sacramento City

Running Time: 58:30

The ghosts of Sacramento City live deep in the buildings of old Sacramento California. They are all still there: the Pony Express office, Wells Fargo and Co., the California supreme court, Mark Twain’s the Sacramento Union, the hardware store where the transcontinental railroad was created.

Leland Stanford

Running Time: 30:42

One gentleman, Leland Stanford, stepped up to the plate to bend and twist and turn California and the rest of the States into what is now know as “The United States of America.”

From Native Americans, to Sutter’s Fort, to Gold Fields

Running Time: 52:55

Sacramento suffered many hardships in its early days. It is a miracle it was ever able to stand on its own. It battled floods, fires, squatters and scoundrels. You will meet the brave men and women who went through so many hardships to save Sacramento and make it the state capitol of California.

The Donner Party and Cannibalism

Running Time: 38:10

Those two thoughts are synonymous to most people. However, there is much more to this poignant misadventure. It is a story of despair, misfortune, poor judgment and sadness.  It is also a story of human kindness, survival and family. Here you will meet and understand the real people that suffered through this onerous ordeal.

The Transcontinental Railroad.

Running Time: 31:20

It all started January 8, 1863, at the corner of Front and K Street in old Sacramento California and ended in promontory Utah on May 10, 1869. The cast of characters in this story are many, but one gentleman, Governor Leland Stanford, stepped forward to bend, twist and turn California and the rest of the states into what are now known as “The United States of America”

100 years after Sutter’s Fort

Running Time: 56:25

Did you know Sutter’s Fort became Sacramento’s first shopping center? Equipped with a hotel, a 24-hour saloon, a bowling alley, a pool hall, the first Sacramento newspaper, a real estate office, a law firm office, and a hospital. It was even offered to the state of California as a lunatic asylum. There was also a famous murder trial held at the fort.

Marshall Gold Discovery

Running Time: 33:30

The river ran through the tail race carrying off the debris from the day’s work. One cold morning while James Marshall was inspecting the tailrace of the mill, he bent over and picked up a few particles from the icy water. After a quick inspection he yelled, ‘Hey boy’s, by God, I believe I’ve found a gold mine.’ The men ran to meet him, one seized a flake, bit it, and when the metal did not break yelled “Gold boys, Gold”

Sutter’s Fort

Running Time: 56:25

For all of you who have been to Sutter’s Fort, and for all of you who haven’t, this is the most comprehensive video that has ever been made of the fort. You will visit every room from the front gate to the back of the fort where the cannon can be seen. You will also learn the secrets of the fort. After viewing the video, You will truly feel like you have been there.

The Bear Flag Revolt

Running Time: 28:40

Do you know why there is a Grizzly Bear, a Lone Star, a Red Stripe and the words California Republic on the California State flag? The fascinating story of those symbols is told here in the exciting adventure of a diverse group of motley mountain men and dedicated freedom fighters, including president Lincoln’s nephew,  who took California from Mexico in 1846.

Western Migration

Running Time: 59:30

“Manifest destiny” was the call that went out all over the land. from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. “go west young man” “California, the land of milk and honey” “free land” That was the beginning of the first traffic jam, created by wagon trains.

1841 was the first wagon train to heed the call Equipped with wagons, mules, oxen, horses, dogs, and people, no roads however. even though they were afraid of Indians, plus many died along the trail, they set out to a new life in the west, despite having to eat all their animals along the way.

California State Capital Building

Running Time: 33:30

Learn the mysteries and secrets of the State Capitol building that were left behind by the 1970’s renovation workers. Hear all about the controversy of the first American flag raised by a woman on the state capitol building.

Hear the story of the two Senators who fought a duel over an election, and one died. How many men does it take to change a light bulb in the state capitol building. You’ll be surprised. Did San Quentin prisoners design the official California seal?

The Creation of Sutter’s Fort

Running Time: 53:04

This is the story of John Sutter’s life and the many historic events in which Sutter and his fort were centerpieces. Some of these events include: The Bear Flag Rebellion, the Rescue of the Donner Party, the Mexican American War, the Gold Rush, the Proliferation of Western Migration, the Building of Sacramento, and, the Realization of Manifest Destiny.

Mark Twain Live, Performing “Letters from the Earth”

Running Time: 60:00

Pictured above: Mark Twain, with John Lewis, a lifelong friend and inspiration for the character Jim in ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’

Content Warning: Mark Twain’s irreverent monologue and performance of “Letters from the Earth” contains some mature content that may not be appropriate for all viewers.